The 5 craziest things I did on my motorcycle this year

I’ve had some kind of motorcycle since I was 8 years old. As a kid, my two and three-wheeled contraptions were motorized passports to freedom in the woods. When I got older, my bikes were fast and meant only for eating up pavement. In the past five years, I’ve reverted back to gravel roads and trails. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve left speed behind for slow adventure.

I’m lucky to have this blog and to be able to share these adventures with you. Here are my favorites from 2016.

We got a bird’s eye view of ourselves and the October foliage on this trip. The flying camera came courtesy of Darren Fishell and the music comes from the Half Moon Jug Band. See the original post HERE.

I wasn’t sure if my overweight and underpowered Russian sidecar rig would make it up Mt. Washington. But I knew I’d have a good time trying, especially with Johnny Sideburns along for the trip. See the original post HERE.

In April, I hauled my bike out to Moab, Utah. It was a heck of a trip. The weather was awful and I broke down twice. I still had a wicked good time, though. See the original post HERE.

I have a two-wheeled bike, too. In early fall I made a lightning strike up the eastern shore of Moosehead Lake. What I lacked in time was made up for with amazing adventure and scenery. See the original post HERE.

This video isn’t about the woods or camping or even a gravel road. But I think cooking hot dogs on a motorcycle engine still counts as adventure. See the original post HERE.

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