VIDEO: This is Maine and it’s going to snow

Wintertime in Maine, what’cha gonna do?
Sit around the house, watch football on the tube
Talk about the sox, who’s pitching this year?
Eat a lot a stew, maybe drink a few beers

Then the weather man says you better get ready
Snow is on the way and it’s gonna be steady
We might even get a foot this time
Everyone acts like they’re losing their minds

Hey hey, ho ho, gotta tell ya, just so ya know
Hey hey, ho ho, this is Maine, It’s gonna snow

Calm yourself down, take a deep breath
It’s winter in Maine, what did you expect?
It comes in the fall, melts in the spring
What can you do about it? Not a darn thing

But the folks all down at the grocery store
Banging their carts, blocking up the door
Fighting in the aisles like they need a referee
Belting each other for a roll of TP

So grab your shovel and lift with your knees
Go smelt fishing, maybe even learn to ski
Winter ain’t so bad if you give it half a try
Turn the flat screen off, and get your butt outside

Keep the wood stove full, don’t lose your head
Snag a good book and an extra loaf of bread
One thing is true, and you always can depend
When winter rolls around it’s gonna snow again

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Troy R. Bennett

About Troy R. Bennett

Troy R. Bennett is a Buxton native and longtime Portland resident whose photojournalism has appeared in media outlets all over the world.