VIDEO: Singing a song with Schooner Fare

It was a childhood dream come true. Instead of sitting in the audience at the annual Schooner Fare / Devonsquare Reunion Concert to benefit the Jack McPhillips Memorial fund on Sunday, I was onstage singing with Schooner Fare. I’d played the show a few times before with Dave Rowe, my partner in The Squid Jiggers, but I’d never gotten to sing with Chuck and Steve Romanoff, the two surviving members of Schooner Fare. The third member, Tom Rowe — Dave’s dad — passed away in 2004.

I’d been singing with all three of them, though they didn’t know it, since I first heard them at Bonny Eagle Junior High School back in the day. I sang along at all the shows and with all their records. It was big day in my house when their printed newsletter came in the mail and I marked my calendar up with their local shows. Advance notice was crucial so I could finagle a ride or, later, borrow a car to get there.

To top it off yesterday, they agreed to not only sing with us, but to sing one of my songs. I wrote “He Ain’t Gone” in memory of Pete Seeger. Singing a song about someone, or just remembering and keeping someone in your heart is a way to make sure they’re not really gone. Though the song is for Pete, it could easily be for Tom Rowe, or my mother or anyone who’s gone but not forgotten.

Dave and I will be singing the song this weekend at the Freeport Theater of Awesome. We’re doing two shows over Friday and Saturday night and we’re recording them for a live album and DVD. It would be great if a blog reader or two came to the show and lent their voices to the sonic mix. I’ll post the details down below. Hope to see you there.

WHAT: The Squid Jiggers are recording a live album

WHERE: The Freeport Theater of Awesome at 5 Depot Street in Freeport Maine. (207) 675-4000

WHEN: March 14 and 15 at 7:30 p.m.

HOW MUCH: $12/$15


Schooner Fare and The Squid Jiggers

Schooner Fare and The Squid Jiggers


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